Our Strategy

Maintenance of our organic growth and geographical coverage focused on profitability and excellence in customer service.
Leveraging cross selling among our business segments.
Launch of new services and products, expansion of sales channels and new partnerships with a continuous focus on innovation.
Improvement of profitability through operating efficiency and financial discipline.

Most Innovative Company in the market

Full Range of Value Added Services ...

Sale Channels

  • Mobile website

  • Mobile apps in all platforms

  • B2B portal for agencies and companies

  • Movida Jovem For drivers between 19 and 21 years old

Car accessories

  • GPS Weekly updated contents

  • Connections with CD and USB

  • 4G Wi-Fi connection

  • Baby seat

Car usage

  • Unlimited mileage

  • 27h daily rates 3 complimentary hours at the return day

  • Full tank Gas usage included in the rate

  • Protection for 3rd-parties and occupants

  • Movida Transparency Disclosure of all rental expenses

Complementary Services

  • Carbon free rental Cultivation program

  • 24-hour assistance

  • Loyalty program

  • Movida radio station

  • Executive driver

  • Express return Use of tablets for vehicle return

  • Delivery collection As best suitable for the costumer

  • Movida Volt Recharge station for electric bicycles

  • Movida Express

  • Movida Kids

  • Movida Trikke

  • Movida Bagging

  • Pre-payment

  • Apple

  • Samsung Pay

  • Imove