Brazilian Car Rental Association.

Brazilian Automobile Manufacturers Association.

Abbreviation for compound annual growth rate.

Bank Credit Certificate.

Brazilian Interbank Deposit Certificates rate.

Brazilian Securities Commission.

Corresponds to EBITDA plus the residual book cost of the sale of fixed assets, which does not represent an operational cash disbursement, since it is merely an accounting representation of the writing off of assets at the time of their disposal.

Offsetting of the amounts inherent in the operations between Movida Locação de Veículos S.A. (RAC) e Movida Gestão and Terceirização de Frotas S.A. (GTF), with a null effect on Movida Participações S.A.’s consolidated figures.

Operations held for distribution to shareholders (or Discontinued Operations)
In November 2015, the management of the Company with the goal of structuring the group’s business, began conducting action plans for a corporate reorganization, with the transfer of assets and liabilities of the business units relating to the rental of heavy vehicles and light machinery and vehicles with additional services (driver) previously under the subsidiary Movida Gestão e Terceirização de Frota S.A. to the other companies of the same SIMPAR through a partial spin-off, conducted on August 31, 2016.

Confirming operations – Automakers 
Partnerships with financial institutions in order to manage commitments to suppliers. Suppliers transfer receivables arising from the sale of vehicles to financial institutions.

ROIC (or Return On Invested Capital)
Amount expressed as a percentage gained on the Company’s total capital – shareholders’ equity, plus net debt, calculated by dividing net operating income before the payment of interest, by total capital.