Management & Boards

Board of Directors

Name Position Election year
Fernando Antonio Simões Chairman of the Board of Directors 2020
Adalberto Calil Member of the Board of Directors 2020
Denys Marc Ferrez Member of the Board of Directors 2020
Ricardo Florence dos Santos Independent Member of the Board of Directors 2020
Marcelo José Ferreira e Silva Independent Member of the Board of Directors 2020

Board of Executive Officers

Name Position Election year
Renato Horta Franklin Chief Executive Officer 2016
Edmar Prado Lopes Neto Chief Financial Officer and Chief Investor Relations Officer 2016
Jamyl Jarrus Júnior Director 2018
Flávio Sales Director 2018


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee does not have decision making capacity; its responsibility is to support the board of directors in analyzing and deliberating finance related matters.

Ethics and Compliance Committee

The Ethics and Compliance Committee is responsible for the periodic review of our Code of Conduct, policies, trainings and mapping of risks. It reports its findings to our board of directors.

Audit Committee

The objectives of the Audit Committee are to oversee the quality and integrity of financial reports, adherence to legal, statutory and regulatory standards, adequacy of processes related to risk management and the activities of the internal audit and independent auditors.

Sustainability Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to advise the Board of Directors on the fulfillment of its legal duties regarding the sustainability of the business of the Company and its subsidiaries.